FCS Keylock


Safe and secure combination lock with proximity key blocker.



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Please read all instructions before resetting the combination.

The keylock is pre-set to 0-0-0-0

1 – Spin the dial to 0-0-0-0 and open the lock

2 – Locate the reset pin as shown in image three. Remove the rubber seal off the reset pin, slide the reset pin across and up as directed by the arrow on the front casing of the inside of the lock.

3 – Spin the dial to your preferred combination. Make sure to write down or store your chosen combination in your phone for future reference. Do not forget the combination.

4 – BEFORE YOU CLOSE THE LOCK – slide the reset pin down and back across and replace the rubber plug.

5 – Test the new combination.

Important note: Forgetting the combination is not covered by warranty.

For keyless entry keys – check to ensure your vehicle is locked before leaving it unattended. Try locking the keylock to your car as far away from the doors as possible. Ie. On a tow hitch or tow point. If your car is still unlocking automatically, you may need to put your key in a keylock signal block bag or wrap in aluminium foil before locking the keylock. Always check your car is locked before leaving it unattended.


Every month apply a corrosion inhibiting lubricant to the shackle bolt hole, the reset level, dials and keylock hinge points to keep your lock in good working condition.


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