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Combining a high performance shortboard with a small wave board never felt so good! This is the board that fits right between our Spawn and Rare Bird models. It´s the board you will ride 80% of the time over summer. Designed for 2-5 feet surf and it´s smooth outline with no bumps or hips allows hold in a little heavier surf, contrasted with a unique single concave to ‘vee’ bottom in the tail area makes speed/drive with looseness. This is a high performance small/medium wave board. A must have.

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This model has volume distributed throughout the whole board nose to tail (where as the Spawn has the majority in the centre). A new simple neat feeling rail allows carving to be easy and forgiving. Round square tail giving you a little bit of area (as apposed to the narrower squash tail) and the rocker starts off a little flatter in the top third (speed) gradually builds through the middle and continues steadily out the tail giving you performance in the steep sections. Concave was a major player in testing this board. It starts under the chest medium depth and through out the tail it shallows out giving you a release when needed through turns.

Board Features


Round Square Tail


Medium Rail

Fin Setup:

FCS 2, FUTURES x 3 Fins



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