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Desarrollada específicamente con nuestro equipo de élite, la STEP-DRIVER es una tabla que todos nuestros surfers de alto nivel han estado corriendo en comps, mientras viajaban, o surfeando olas sólidas en casa, durante los últimos dos años. En pocas palabras, la STEP-DRIVER es una Step Up de alto rendimiento, directamente evolucionada de la Driver 2.0.

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Developed specifically with our elite team, the STEP-DRIVER is a board that all our top- level
surfers have been riding in comps, while traveling, or surfing solid waves at home, for the last couple of years. Simply put, the STEP-DRIVER is a high-performance step-up, directly evolved from the Driver 2.0.

Designed for the highest level of performance surfing, in the type of real waves, where critical maneuvers and tube riding meet. Meant to be ridden 1-2” (or more, if customized) longer, similar width and a bit thicker, than a Driver 2.0 or similar HP shortboard, the STEP-DRIVER rides like a seamless transition from your everyday board, without sacrificing performance for control.

Tested and proven in powerful surf around the world, by WCT surfers such as Olympians, Kolohe Andino, Carissa Moore and Caroline Marks, as well as Griffin Colapinto, Yago Dora and free surfers like Mason Ho and Ian Crane and up-n-comers like Crosby Colapinto and Eli Hanniman. It’s a one stop shop, for the needs of our entire team.

The STEP-DRIVER allows surfers to ride larger, more powerful and more challenging waves, as if they were head high and playful, on a board that is usually only 1-2” longer than their everyday board. Anyone with a Driver 2.0 in their quiver (or similar high-performance shortboard), who is looking for that perfect board to transition to when the waves get special (or if you’re lucky to live somewhere like Hawaii or Indo, where these waves are the norm) will be pleased to have the STEP-DRIVER in their arsenal.


5’8 18.32 2.30 25.00
5’9 18.44 2.30 25.25 (Mason)
5’9 18.50 2.33 26.00
5’10 18.63 2.37 27.00
5’10 18.50 2.34 26.5 (Carissa)
5’11 18.75 2.38 28.00
6’0 18.88 2.40 28.75 (Griffin)
6’0 19.00 2.44 29.25 (Kolohe)
6’1 19.13 2.45 30.00
6’2 19.38 2.50 31.25
6’3 19.56 2.56 32.75
6’4 19.75 2.60 34.00
6’5 19.88 2.66 35.50


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